Classes will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Woman's Club of Bethesda.There is free parking.


Dancers must come to class already dressed in their dance attire. Dancers can change shoes in the studio. All classes are drop-off. Please be on time for drop-off and pick-up. 


All faculty are fully vaccinated and will wear masks. All students are required to wear masks.


No parents are allowed in the studio due to COVID safety measures. If your child is sick in any way, please do not bring them to class. If your child is exposed to or is diagnosed with COVID, please contact the Director immediately. 

Dates and Tuition

Classes will run from January 10th through May 5th.

There will be two Dress Rehearsals on May 11th and May 13th. 

The Spring Dance Recital in on Sunday, May 15th at 10am.


Classes will be held on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Presidents' Day.


There will be a two week Spring Break from April 11th-April 22nd. Classes will resume on Monday, April 25th.


Tuition must be paid in full upon registration. There is a non-refundable registration fee of $30.00 per dancer per semester.

There is a Recital costume fee of $70.00 per class.


Classes for 3's and Pre-K will be capped at 8-9 dancers.

Classes for K-3rd grade will be capped at 10-12 dancers.

Classes that do not meet minimal enrollment will be combined or cancelled. 

Showcase, Recital and Costumes

Each class will participate in BDC's end-of-year Dance Recital on Sunday, May 15th at 10am at the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School, Upper School Campus. 

There will be two Dress Rehearsals before the recital. The first is on Wednesday, May 11th and the second is on Friday, May 13th. Please leave these afternoons open so your dancer can attend the rehearsals. There will be a special schedule on these days. 


There will be one costume required per class. The costume fee is $70.00. Recital tickets will be sold separately.

Snow Closures

If MCPS is closed due to snow or unsafe weather, The Woman's Club of Bethesda, and therefore BDC, will be closed as well. Refunds will not be issued for snow-closures. 

Refunds and Withdrawals

BDC has a No Refund Policy after January 1, 2022 for the Spring semester. Students cancelling their enrollment prior to January 1, 2022 will receive a full tuition refund (less the $30.00 registration fee) without penalty. 

When a student withdraws from any class, it is necessary to notify BDC in writing. Refunds will not be issued for withdrawals, missed-classes, illness, or snow-closures. Prorated semester refunds for withdrawals will be considered on a case-by-case basis due to medical circumstances.